Hello, world!

An “Old” Tradition.

For decades, the simple phrase “Hello world!” has been synonymous with new digital beginnings. It’s long been the go-to expression used by developers cutting their teeth on a new language, and designers launching a new project. In fact, it’s the default post title in WordPress, the CMS managing this site.

In some sense, it seems somewhat disingenuous to consider this a new project. After all, I’ve been here before. I started blogging at lenflack.com way back in 2007, and had at least three other blogs before that, going back to the mid-1990’s. You know, before the term blog actually existed…

A “New” Endeavor.

That said, I do see this as a new endeavor. The more I read and study theology and church ministry, the more I find topics I’d like to explore more deeply. The more I teach Computer Science in a public college, the more I want to be equipped to engage certain cultural discussions.

In the weeks and months to come, my hope is to use this space to sharpen my thinking on a variety of topics. It may be that nobody but me finds this useful (or even finds it), but that’s okay. While I welcome comments and discussion, I’m hoping to keep writing even if I’m the only one who benefits.

That said, who am I to mess with tradition? Hello, world!

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