A New Season

After a lengthy season of prayer and discernment, Diana and I are pleased to announce that God is moving us into a new season of life and ministry! This Fall I will be joining the pastoral team of Clay Community Church, located in the Northern Suburbs of Syracuse.

Pastor Mike Biolsi and I shared this news with our North Country Fellowship Church family this morning. We are thrilled to see God actively at work in both of these local congregations, as well as in Christ’s church as a whole. And, while it’s bittersweet to be transitioning away from the place where God called me to faith and pastoral ministry, we are very excited about being able to remain connected in Kingdom partnership.

We would appreciate your prayers for both churches, and for our family as we search for housing. The timeline on the transition is still fuzzy until those details are sorted out.

We are thrilled for this new adventure, and are so thankful for the way in which God has brought this all together! He is so good to His people!

Soli Deo Gloria!

Fun with Typography

Footnotes are fantastic.

I love reading. And one of the things I love when reading a non-fiction book is to explore the footnotes of that work. 1 I’ve always loved this typographical feature because it allows the author to maintain the immediate flow of the main text, while at the same time providing additional clarifying material and commentary. In fact, this trait was what led me to use footnotes instead of in-line citations for my ordination materials. 2

When I decided to begin this blog, I knew that I’d be to create and share some material that would be similar in tone to my ordination paper. Obviously, one of the features I’ve definitely been interested in is the ability to use footnotes. I’ve investigated a number of different ways of implementing this, but the solution that I’ve landed on is a plugin for WordPress called Easy Footnotes.  All I need to do is insert a little shortcode into my post text, and the footnote is automatically created and numbered. If you hover over the little super-script number, a dialog box will appear with the footnote. If you click on it, you’ll actually be taken to the full text of that footnote. It’s as easy as it gets. 3

This may be a small thing, but I’m excited about it. I won’t be using footnotes in every post, but don’t be surprised if they pop-up4 from time to time.

Hello, world!

An “Old” Tradition.

For decades, the simple phrase “Hello world!” has been synonymous with new digital beginnings. It’s long been the go-to expression used by developers cutting their teeth on a new language, and designers launching a new project. In fact, it’s the default post title in WordPress, the CMS managing this site.

In some sense, it seems somewhat disingenuous to consider this a new project. After all, I’ve been here before. I started blogging at lenflack.com way back in 2007, and had at least three other blogs before that, going back to the mid-1990’s. You know, before the term blog actually existed…

A “New” Endeavor.

That said, I do see this as a new endeavor. The more I read and study theology and church ministry, the more I find topics I’d like to explore more deeply. The more I teach Computer Science in a public college, the more I want to be equipped to engage certain cultural discussions.

In the weeks and months to come, my hope is to use this space to sharpen my thinking on a variety of topics. It may be that nobody but me finds this useful (or even finds it), but that’s okay. While I welcome comments and discussion, I’m hoping to keep writing even if I’m the only one who benefits.

That said, who am I to mess with tradition? Hello, world!